A Review Of Dr. Cory Fawcett’s Video Series On Locums Gigs

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[Disclosure: I have an affiliate relationship with Cory. If you use this link to purchase his course, I make a commission.]

Cory Fawcett, a "repurposed" general surgeon, is no stranger to this blog. I've reviewed his book on career alternatives for doctors, and he's been interviewed as part of the Docs Who Cut Back series.

I met Cory at FinCon 18, and was impressed by his earnest interest in helping other physicians. He struck me as a new-idea-a-minute kind of guy, which is why I was pleased but not in the least surprised when he reached out to let me know about his new video series on navigating locums gigs, Thriving in Locum Tenens.

I'm going to pass on describing the layout of the series, which can be found here, instead providing a candid appraisal of how it feels to watch the videos, what the course offers and whom it might help.

Knowledge Is An Investment

At $497, the course requires your investment of a decent chunk of change, although in my experience once you've put this much skin in the game you tend to follow through because you want to claim a return on such a substantial investment.

If you ultimately go the locums route, I suspect the money you save by not making avoidable mistakes thanks to this course will more than offset the cost of purchase.

Highlights From Thriving in Locum Tenens

Cory clearly wants you to get the most out of his course. He encourages you to treat it like a class, setting aside time on a regular basis - a nice touch that sets the tone. This is not a slick salesman looking to make big bucks, but an earnest doc who discovered a secret to extending his career, and whose excitement at sharing what he's learned is readily apparent.

Cory is a rock 'n roller turned worship leader in his church, and that public speaking experience translates well in the videos. He resembles a crisply attired Rick Steves, with an animated speaking style and a folksy authority.

Videos are accompanied by faithful transcripts so you can read along or skim past sections that might be lower yield, a very helpful addition since participants will be starting from different places of knowledge.

There are even mp3 downloads of each lecture for those who prefer to digest the information during a workout or commute, although the more information-dense lectures might not lend themselves to being fully absorbed while multi-tasking.

Pointers are high yield and rooted in experience - the section on dealing with multiple jobs has great advice on how to limit the hassles of credentialing in multiple states, how to focus your area of geographic preference, and how to reasonably assess whether transportation time to remote locations justifies taking on those types of gigs.

The section on defining an ideal assignment is another nugget of gold, as Cory shares the checklist that ensured his locums gigs were compatible with his desired lifestyle. Being privy to his process will help physicians in other specialties adapt his template to create an individually-tailored checklist, and to distinguish needs from wants.

Understanding the nuances of seeking jobs via a locums agency versus jobs obtained directly from a hospital also helps anticipate the trade-off between hassle and income (they are proportional) that comes with each type of employment arrangement.

The tour through Cory's credentials box is an advanced organizational skills seminar worthy of newbie and veteran alike.

Cory's advice on making a good first impression runs from the typical (dress well, arrive early) to the more subtle and important (become familiar with equipment and procedural kits at each hospital, and learn how to use it before you need it; keep your credentialing information at the ready to fill gaps in hospital paperwork).

Cory is a savvy businessperson, and it shows. The section entitled "Getting Paid" will more than cover the cost of the video course for the new locums practitioner, describing a catalog of rookie mistakes and how to avoid them. Anticipating and ensuring that orientation to the Electronic Medical Record, additional consultations, and responsibilities not described in the original contract will be remunerated fairly above a base salary reduces the potential for dissatisfaction at the outset.

The section on business models provide an advanced foray into favorably structuring your income, and while not for the financially faint of heart, even a financially disinterested doc will appreciate how Cory uses simple language and concrete examples to explain the benefits of different corporate models.

The section on taxes, while validating the "mo' states, mo' problems" aspect of locums work, also provides numerous examples of how to fully take advantage of tax deductions available to the locums physician.

Minor Drawbacks

At times, Cory is prone to speaking at length on topics that might be covered more concisely. A little less time on how to deal with mail and newspapers while away on a locums assignment would have allowed more time for those topics less familiar to viewers.

Visually, while the speaker is compelling and engages the viewer, you are watching a man in a blazer give a lecture. The lack of complementary powerpoint might be a pro or con, depending on your disdain or affection for Microsoft. This is offset by the ability to digest the material in MP3 and written format as well.

Who Stands To Benefit The Most From This Course?

The following groups will get the most bang for their buck with this course:

  • The newbie physician considering locums as a path to flexible and high-paying work, either exclusively or as an additional moonlighting opportunity to accelerate payment of student loans.
  • The mature physician looking to explore locums as a glide path out of a more demanding full-time medical career.
  • The burnt out doc who still needs to pay the bills but can't stand her day job any more, and sees alternating periods of work and rest via locums as a path out of her rut.
  • The veteran locums physician who understands the work component, but wants to get a better handle on business and tax benefits he has not yet mastered. (While a veteran may only find half of the information to be new, that half may be sufficient to cover the cost of the course many times over.)

In summary, if you learn by watching lectures and are seeking a dynamic mentor to explain locum tenens work in a thoughtful, jargon-free manner, this course will prepare you to navigate the hurdles with ease and groom you to become a highly-sought candidate for competitive locums positions.

If you have an interest in personal finance, this course will help you to leverage a nontraditional career path in order to maximize the financial benefits you can legally derive from it.

If you found this review to be helpful, and decide to purchase the course, I'd be grateful if you'd use my link. Please know I have an affiliate relationship with Cory, and I'll make a commission when you do so.



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