Physician Finance Bloggers

  1. 1099 MD is a radiation oncologist with locums experience who writes exclusively for the needs of docs who are independent contractors.
  2. A Doctor’s Worth is written by a pediatrician, married to a urologist, who has written about the unique needs of both women and physicians in developing financial literacy.
  3. A Good Life MD is a radiation oncologist blogging on finance as well as the deeper question of what constitutes a “good life,” a guiding philosophy for heart and wallet.
  4. Another Second Opinion is an emergency physician in SoCal leavening his financial lessons with humor as he prepares you to spend more time away from work.
  5. A Sustainable Medical Career  Dr. Mo is a family practice trained urgent care doc practicing tele-medicine, which he plans to continue from Spain. Why didn’t I think of that?
  6. Be Three is an MD/MBA in southern California who writes about her journey toward becoming empowered, balanced, and authentically herself. She’s posted on loans, loving Vanguard, and lifestyle creep. Think badass female doctor living the lyrics to Independent Women by Destiny’s Child. HBO series waiting to happen.
  7. Ben White was put on my radar by the White Coat Investor. A Texan MD with expertise and authorship of a book on med school loan repayment.
  8. B.C. Krygowski is the palliative care half of a dual doc couple who just took a massive pay cut to live higher quality lives. Could her experiment create a tipping point for others?
  9. Big Family Small World is a Canadian ER doc and his wife who sell the house, quit work, and take their four sons backpacking around the world. How did they pull it off financially? That question plus my vicarious excitement place Dr. Matt Poyner and family on this list.
  10. By Well Design is an anesthesiologist whose life-changing cancer diagnosis helped her completely reorient from burnout to minimalism, financial literacy and balance with family at the center instead of the periphery. A gifted writer who fell back in love with medicine by doing less of it.
  11. Canucks Money is the artist formerly known as Dr. Moneyblog, a closet finance geek and half of a dual-physician couple whose life of frugality and minimalism have yielded a maximalist net worth >$8 million loonies. She thought she’d lose fans with the website change. She thought wrong.
  12. Crispy Doc that’s me! I’m an EM doc in LA whose financial literacy conversion experience took me from burnt out to FIRE’d up. I help newbies start strong, and crusty vets get out of ruts to find that lost mojo.
  13. Dads Dollars Debts is a California-based cardiologist blogging on finance before he lost his home in the Tubbs Fire. He’s rebuilding a life and home from the ashes, allowing us to vicariously imagine if we’d handle such a crisis with comparable grace.
  14. Dads Making Cents is a team effort between an emergency physician/MBA and his faithful attorney sidekick (or vice versa) deep diving topics from finance to real estate.
  15. Debt Free Doctor is a dental surgeon who found himself fresh out of residency with a wife, 2 month old son, $300k in the hole when the job offer he’d counted on fell through. He dug himself out of debt, then augmented his wealth through real estate. A generous blogger paying it forward through his writing.
  16. Delayed Earner is a pulmonary/critical care fellow hacking his finances during training with moonlighting gigs.
  17. DiverseFI  Doc G is a beyond FI / concierge / hospice director / nursing home doc. He’s a workaholic looking to smell more roses as he cuts back.
  18. is how the Canadian ER doc traveling the world with his family (see Big Family Small World, above) reached financial independence. He lays out his DIY recipe for a Dogs of the DOW strategy adapted for Canadian investors (like U.S. investing, only more polite?).
  19. Doc Of All Tradez is an anesthesiologist and self-proclaimed burnout survivor looking to help others avoid similar pitfalls.
  20. Doctor of Finance MD  Hatton1 is an OB/GYN with a ubiquitous presence in physician finance fora and blogs. She’s in the enviable position of approaching finance as a retiring physician with a high net worth.
  21. Doctors on Debt is a dual doctor couple digging their way out of student debt while sharing lessons and victories. They informed me they aren’t MDs/DOs; I’m giving them a pass for honesty.
  22. Dr. Breathe Easy Finance is a Pittsburgh-based  pulmonologist whose path took him from Nigeria to Canada to the Caribbean (Netherlands Antilles) to the U.S., lending a fresh perspective to financial optimization for physicians.
  23. Dr. Cory S. Fawcett is a “repurposed” surgeon and personal finance author lecturing across the country to awaken physicians to financially responsible living.
  24. Dr. FIREfly is a female Canadian resident physician who represents a hybrid of finance geek and philosophy buff. A delightful example of how a physician can spend deliberately from the start of her career and slay educational debt tactically as she commences her investing career.
  25. Dr. McFrugal is an anesthesiologist, new dad, vegetarian, Tesla driver and travel hacker with a touch of Hollywood lifestyle.
  26. Dr. Networth is another Canuck from Ontario with a Boglehead investing philosophy and real estate dabbling tendencies. Great post on grading your financial performance.
  27. Dr. PayItBack is an anesthesiologist paying it forward by taking readers on his journey back to zero. He says he plans to pay off $200k+ debt in two years following his pain fellowship. I say: Come on baby, make it hurt so good.
  28. Dr. Scrilla is a “broke ass resident” with a spouse, kid, and a negative $380k net worth. He’s saving 25% of his salary as a resident. Well done, young grasshopper.
  29. Dr. Wise Money was a radiology resident and single mom who devised innovative hacks to finance her medical education. Her articles are worth learning from, even as her unexpected death left us wanting more.
  30. Efficient Frontier is financial guru Dr. Bill Bernstein’s blog from 1996-2012. The content is superb, even if the theme suggests it was written in cuneiform on a Commodore 64.
  31. Female Money Doctor is a UK-based physician whose experience with a failed relationship led her to master her finances, and set out to help other women do the same.
  32. Fifteen Minute Financial Fitness is a surgical pathologist who recently emerged from the dark to offer brief actionable posts to bring you closer to FI.
  33. Financially Free MD is part of a Canadian dual physician household motivated to share his financial knowledge and, sweetly, to leave a blueprint for his family in case of his untimely demise. Great origin story on assessing risk tolerance.
  34. First Habit is an academic radiologist whose secret sauce for FI is cultivating positive habits (and ditching the liabilities) to pave the way to financial success.
  35. Foreign Born MD is an internist living in Oregon who took a frugal road to the American dream. She’s also a female primary breadwinner and IMG.
  36. Future Proof MD is an (almost) interventional radiologist who first studied and blogged on personal finance as a resident, confirming my bias that radiologists really are savvier than the rest of us.
  37. Frugal Physician is a primary care physician and married mother who stopped drowning in debt thanks to lifestyle deflation (incredibly hard to pull off) and born-again frugality.
  38. Happy Philosopher is a job-sharing radiologist whose struggles with burnout, mindfulness and simplicity attract a crowd beyond medicine.
  39. High Plains MD is a blog born of heartbreak compounded by disappointment. A family physician seeks a reason beyond the paycheck. A beautifully rendered alternative path to meaning and FI.
  40. Immigrant Finances is a Nigerian-born pediatrician based out of Arkansas with a calling to help others decipher personal finance.
  41. Investing Doc is an internist in Texas from humble origins who learned to budget and is working his way to FI.
  42. Keeping Up With The Darkos is a FI-oriented blog run by the social media powerhouse Drs. Darko documenting their victory against $800k in debt. (The male Dr. D, a trauma surgeon, also hosts the popular Docs Outside The Box podcast.)
  43. Kevin MD is the exit strategy that happens when a social media savvy doc jumps into a wild west online space early. Many doc finance bloggers guest post here.
  44. Life Of FI MD is an unabashed evangelist for getting physicians to adopt FI as a central goal to support a broader life philosophy of balance.
  45. Live Free MD is a sports medicine doc who dug out from under $400k of debt. He lives lean but intentionally with laser-focus on his goal of early FI.
  46. Look For Zebras is a site dedicated to off ramps from clinical medicine, exploring non-clinical careers and side hustles for physicians.
  47. Loonie Doctor is an irreverent, hilarious academic Canadian critical care doc who writes from the “mosh pit” of medicine to make you a full financial code.
  48. MD on FI/RE is the long-awaited blog of Gasem, a 60-something retired anesthesiologist whose inimitable voice, highly-regarded and ubiquitous comments, deep dive guest posts and extreme candor have endeared him to every physician finance blogger on this list.
  49. Me and My Stethoscope is lovingly tended by an internist with compelling posts on double standards for women in medicine and the hurt we absorb from our patients. While not overtly financial, her posts will resonate deeply – a newcomer to watch out for.
  50. Med School Financial is a preventive medicine doc’s attempt to help you avoid financial mistakes through early intervention.
  51. Military Millions is co-written by an active service physician and is dedicated to helping our men and women in uniform master their finances.
  52. Millionaire Doc is a private practice physician with an audacious goal to reach a $20 million net worth.
  53. Minimal MD is a dermatologist who was inadvertently accepted to medical school at age 17 and retired from medicine at age 34. While many stars had to align to make that happen, her high earn low burn lifestyle is an example many of us could learn from.
  54. Miss Bonnie MD is a dermatologist profiling financially successful female physicians with a mission to increase financial literacy for women in medicine.
  55. My Curiosity Lab is a radiologist married to a pediatrician whose intellect and endearing candor are notable. Trying to save for and figure out his Second Act.
  56. Nomads With A Vision is an interventional radiologist who leveraged aggressive savings and a high earn, low burn lifestyle to achieve early financial independence and take his family traveling. What’s possible when you do everything right from the start.
  57. Nisha Mehta MD is a radiologist who blogs and speaks on physician wellness and work-life balance.
  58. OB Doctor Mom left medicine after a health scare. She explores financial and ethical dimensions of early retirement for physicians, dissecting what we owe and to whom.
  59. Passive Income MD is an anesthesiologist and the latest addition to the WCI empire. His passive income streams support a 200k/yr lifestyle in LA – wow.
  60. Pediatrician Finds Financial Independence chronicles a new dad with a kid in a HCOL area slaying debt to achieve FI over 15 years.
  61. Physician In Numbers is a newcomer with a female breadwinner, primary care perspective – a welcome and underrepresented breath of fresh air on this list.
  62. Physician On Fire is an anesthesiologist, brewer, WCI empire member, founder of the Physicians on Fire facebook group and ubiquitous FI ambassador on the cusp of leaving medicine in his early 40s.
  63. Physician Philosopher is an anesthesiologist paying it forward by helping younger docs learn financial lessons early, using his path to FI as a case study.
  64. Physician REI is a real-estate oriented blog with a physician angle, helping docs with deep pockets learn to landlord.
  65. Physician, Wealth Thyself emerged in January 2018 committed to “demystifying wealth creation, post by post.”
  66. Physician Zen is an academic emergency physician who completed dual-fellowships while married with kids and living in SoCal. Did I mention he and his spouse paid off $350k his first year out of fellowship! He covers productivity, stress-reduction and FI.
  67. Pivot Points MD is the brainchild of the emergency physician behind the Financial Literacy Project facebook group, a promising voice for those of us who find our redemption in financial literacy at later stages.
  68. Practice Balance is an anesthesiologist whose lightning bolt moment came when she had her daughter. A wellness blogger with strong financial overtones emphasizing the power of enough. She’s frugal, but not cheap: find out why her $700 espresso machine remains compatible with simple living.
  69. Reflections of a Millennial Doctor is a compelling story of insidious burnout early in medicine, along with a recovery plan, told by a med-peds doc in the pacific northwest.
  70. Retire Early MD is a 30-something anesthesiologist chronicling his journey to financial freedom.
  71. Rogue Dad MD is an academic in Peds EM who has published on physician financial illiteracy. His blog is delightfully wide-ranging in scope. Ask about his son and the tooth fairy.
  72. Semi-Retired MD is the product of an entrepreneurial dual physician couple who, after starting a couple of successful companies, used passive income from real estate to tailor their careers to suit their lifestyles. Check out their post on hiking Cinque Terre with a toddler!
  73. Senior Resident is a radiologist married to a psychiatrist, living in Hawaii and blogging on investing and medical school debt among other topics.
  74. Side Hustle Scrubs is an east coast EM doc adopting a “see hustle, do hustle, teach hustle” approach to physician side gigs and nontraditional career opportunities.
  75. Smart Money MD is an ophthalmologist who sees right through your deficient medical education, bringing you up to speed on the psychology and logistics of personal finance.
  76. SoMe Docs seeks to amplify physician presence and influence through social media, including finance and burnout mitigation components in its broad mandate.
  77. Some Random Guy Online is an emergency physician in San Francisco who killed $400k of debt and is aiming for FI despite his geography. My vote for best blogger name ever.
  78. Son Of A Doctor is actually plural! A  maternal-fetal medicine OB married to an attorney/investment advisor, they cover what you need to know to thrive financially.
  79. Stealth Wealth Family is the new project by the anesthesiologist behind Practice Balance who delves beyond wellness to explore intentional living and parenting as freedoms that accompany FI. How thoughtful living translates in the messy real world.
  80. Stealth Wealth MD is a radiologist and FIRE enthusiast who recently joined the fray. I’m looking forward to his contributions to the dialogue.
  81. The Boss MD is an internist married to a pediatrician who espouses FIRN: Financial Independence Retire Never.
  82. The Darwinian Doctor is a surgeon living in Southern California who is exploring how life evolves on the path to FI, fitness, home ownership and balance in medicine. Did I mention he spends more per month than Mr. Money Mustache spends annually? It’s FI vs. HCOL in a battle for the soul and wallet, told in an unflinchingly honest tone.
  83. The Finance Twins are inspiring: Born to Colombian immigrants, father dies young leaving mother to raise 3 boys in the U.S. They excel. Identical twins Smart and Smarter (Harvard Business School and Mayo Med School, respectively) start a personal finance blog because it was the only challenge they hadn’t yet succeeded at.
  84. The Scope Of Practice is written by a GI doc (married to a physician) who blogs on finance, productivity, and early career strategies – an apt name for this all-encompassing blog. Read the post that won me over here, about making generosity a touchstone of your financial plan.
  85. The Stock MD is a refreshingly contrarian perspective with a deliciously droll sense of humor. This “bored [sic] certified surgeon” promised he’d leave medicine after his first million dollar year as a day trader. That happened in 2019, at age 40. Day trading is now his main gig. The next Michael Burry? You decide.
  86. Thrifty Surgeon is another newcomer, a DO about to start fellowship who is married with 3 kids. You’ll find him cutting his own hair or your appendix depending on the day.
  87. Time For Money MD examines the trade-off that turns most docs on to becoming finance geeks, sharing evidence-based strategies to determine your ever-elusive balance point.
  88. Tired Super Heroine is an interventional radiologist living in California who speaks to work-life balance and financial empowerment for female physician parents. Gets my vote for most awesome blog name.
  89. Wall Street Physician is a precocious radiation oncology resident(!) whose past as a trader at an investment bank lends a uniquely authoritative perspective on finance. What took the rest of us years, he and Future Proof MD pulled off as residents!
  90. Wealthy Doc went from dirt poor to FI and lends his MD/MBA perspective as a bootstrapper with street cred.
  91. White Coat Investor (WCI) is an emergency physician, entrepreneur, prolific Boglehead, and undisputed pioneer of physician personal finance. The blog that launched a thousand blogs. If I dropped words like “juggernaut,” which I don’t, this is where I might use them.
  92. Xrayvsn is a radiologist in the southeast who has made an auspicious debut on the scene, garnering guest posts and acclaim from WCI forum royalty. Everyone’s favorite new neighbor.