Get To Know Me

I maintain a running list of physician finance bloggers, and it grows every year. The White Coat Investor asked me if I thought the recent proliferation of blogs was an existential threat.

I find the opposite to be true: The added voices make it easier for misfits of medicine (like you and me) to find a voice in the chorus that we can relate to in a deep and meaningful way.

There now exists a virtual doctor's lounge where addressing burnout and financial literacy are normal conversations.

Are you and I kindred spirits? Here are a dozen articles to consider our first date.

  1. Martyrdom In Medicine
  2. Strategies For Cutting Back: Group Policy Change
  3. A Priority We Pursue vs. A Luxury We Can Uniquely Afford
  4. Disability Insurance: My Advice To Newbies
  5. My Investor Policy Statement For Time
  6. How My Donor Advised Fund Made Me Less Selfish
  7. Are You A Dirtbag Millionaire?
  8. Ordering Off The Menu
  9. Don't Let Someone Else's Script Narrate Your Story
  10. Breaking Up With Betterment
  11. On Luxury
  12. What The Bogleheads Taught Me About A Child Roth IRA