I’m selective about the company I keep, and my goal is to assist you in owning your financial life – never to profit at your expense.

If I’ve been a helpful guide on your financial journey, I’d be grateful if you’d consider one of the following affiliate links. If you use them I stand to make a modest commission at no additional cost to you.

“Fire Your Financial Advisor” Online Course from WCI

This comprehensive course by the White Coat Investor is the standard by which all other physician finance courses will be judged. I’ve reviewed it previously here. For the motivated learner who learns well from online lectures, this is a superior resource.

"The Doctors Guide To Thriving In Locum Tenens" Online Course by Dr. Cory Fawcett

A former surgeon who spent his final years working locums gigs shares critical negotiation skills, organizational hacks, and business and tax structures that favor locums docs. Valuable section on ensuring assignments are compatible with lifestyle goals. My review here.

Student Loan Planner creates custom loan repayment plans.

If you are a DIY loan manager, WCI has written a comprehensive debt management article complete with flowcharts – by all means start there.

If you look at ICR, IBR, PAYE, REPAYE, PSLF and see is a dizzying labyrinth of alphabet soup, consider using Student Loan Planner.

Travis Hornsby, a former bond trader for Vanguard, founded the company after his meticulous process to repay loans taken out by his spouse (a urologist) became a hit with her friends. Better still, Travis is someone whose origin story I can relate to. A fair fee for a service likely to pay for itself in savings.

Backlode Helps Med Students, Residents and Fellows Save on Moving Costs

Med Student Arun has to move from City A to City B for residency.

Resident Bob has to move from City B to City A for fellowship.

Beefy Biceps Inc., Arun's moving company, was planning to drive a truck full of his stuff from City A to City B, and then drive an empty truck on the return trip to City A.

If Arun can find Beefy Biceps Inc. a second moving job for the return trip from City B to City A, the company earns more and Arun can negotiate a discount on his move. But how can he connect with Resident Bob?

That's where Backlode comes in. The company matches folks moving to and from cities to create discount opportunities for both.

As of March 2019 they have not monetized (I make no commission), but the idea is so compelling and the potential for savings so obvious that I'd like to support this nascent business.


Splash Financial refinances student loans.

If you are not going for PSLF, refinancing student loans should be one of your first priorities as an attending.

Using my link below automatically scores you a $500 bonus for balances > $30k.

Their strengths include:

  • Rates as low as 3.75% fixed APR
  • 5,8,12,15 year terms (I recommend a 5 year term that you pay off immediately)
  • Balances up to $300k
  • No origination or early repayment fees
Splash Financial

Earnest Refinances Student Loans

Signing up via my link scores you $200 cash back when you refinance through Earnest.

As of December 2019 their rates are as follows:

  • Fixed Rates (with autopay): 4.25% – 8.77% APR
  • Variable Rates (with autopay): 3.5% – 8.72% APR
Personal Capital provides an online dashboard for your finances.
  • Track income and spending.
  • View all of your accounts in one place (bank, brokerage, loans, mortgage) to follow your net worth.
  • See your investment expenses.
  • Run simulations for retirement.