Teach Me To Fish

A Program For Doctors Who Want To Assume Control Of Their Finances

In three individual one-hour Skype® coaching sessions, you will be taught the following financial literacy skills:

  • Track your annual income, expenses, savings and net worth with free online tools.
  • Define a target net worth that would be enough to sustain your lifestyle independent of work income (financial independence).
  • Create a road map to retirement including your planned savings rate and the number of years it will take to reach financial independence.
  • Compare tools to assess your risk tolerance. (Ensure you can sleep well at night during market downturns.)
  • Compare different asset allocations (ratio of stocks to bonds) to see which might be suitable for you.
  • Compare different simple portfolios of extremely low-cost, passively-managed index funds through Vanguard to see which might be suitable for you.
    • We have no financial relationship, but I’m a fan of Vanguard’s ethical business practice.
  • Evaluate how placing specific funds in tax-deferred vs. taxable accounts can reduce liabilities.
  • Rebalance (restore your ratio of stocks to bonds) with every new savings contribution.
  • Choose a date to rebalance your portfolio annually (promoting buying low and selling high).

The benefits of owning your financial life will pay many dividends:

  • Assess whether you are spending time in a way that reflects your values and make modifications.
  • Intentionally reallocate money so your actual life better resembles your ideal life.
  • Develop a reasonable plan that creates a set-it-and-forget-it portfolio so you can spend more time on priorities.
  • As you approach your target net worth, consider adjusting your medical career to improve work-life balance.

If I give you a fish, you’ll eat for one day. If I teach you to fish, you’ll eat for life.

This service will commence doing business January 1, 2019.

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Teach Me To Fish$599

3 hours of personalized financial literacy coaching toward assuming control of your finances.

Additional 1 hour $249

Personalized financial literacy coaching.