Service Terms and Conditions

By purchasing Crispy Doc LLC services I acknowledge and agree to the following:

I release Crispy Doc LLC, including associated employees, consultants and contractors (to be referred to as “Crispy Doc”) and discharge Crispy Doc from all claims, demands, or actions by me, on the basis of the discussions and interpretations of Crispy Doc.

Crispy Doc provides a financial literacy coaching service. Crispy Doc teaches the tools necessary to become a financial adult. These lessons may include reviewing different types of asset allocations, low cost portfolios, and available tools and models to determine risk tolerance. As a financial literacy coach, Crispy Doc does not handle money, but provides different reasonable examples for how money can be managed to allow an educated Do-It-Yourself investor to make informed decisions. Crispy Doc is not a financial advisor.

Consideration for this release and disclaimer of liability on behalf of Crispy Doc, shall be Crispy Doc’s rendered services. Each service requires full pre-payment.

Fees paid to Crispy Doc are non-refundable. Once payment is made, no refunds or partial refunds will be issued for any reason.

Crispy Doc reserves the right to terminate the client relationship for any reason, and in that event it is at Crispy Doc’s sole discretion whether to issue a refund and in what amount.

If a client cancels or reschedules a Financial Literacy Counseling Session within 72 hours of the appointment, the client will forfeit all of the money paid for the session.

Crispy Doc will work directly with a single client, rather than with parents, spouses or other individuals even if these individuals made payment on behalf of the client. At the discretion of Crispy Doc, a spouse may be included in the Counseling Session.

Clients may not record Counseling Sessions. Counseling Sessions are one-on-one conversations between Crispy Doc and the client. Other parties may not participate in these sessions or sit in as observers except at the discretion of Crispy Doc.

Counseling Sessions must be used within 12 months of purchase.

Services are not transferable to another person, and funds used to purchase one service cannot be transferred to pay for another service instead.

Crispy Doc is permitted to use comments made by clients about Crispy Doc services on the Crispy Doc website and in Crispy Doc materials as testimonials without the client’s express permission as long as Crispy Doc posts those comments without the client’s last name.

None of the academic institutions referenced in Crispy Doc materials are associated with nor endorse Crispy Doc.

I acknowledge that there is no implied or explicit guarantee that the services provided by Crispy Doc will improve my financial results. By purchasing services, I agree with the aforementioned under any applicable law or regulation.