Look Ma, I Have A Guest Post On Freedom Is Groovy!

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I believe it was the ancient Greek philosopher Whodini who famously posited: Friends – how many of us have them?

My greatest return on investment to date as a finance blogger has been developing friendships within the finance freaks-and-geeks diaspora.

When two or more consenting adult bloggers like each other very much, the big famous household name blogger offers to host a guest post written by the itty bitty scrappy upstart blogger.

This is exactly what happened when the generous couple behind the quirky and beloved site Freedom is Groovy offered to let me write a guest post. Below please find the first couple of paragraphs.

I was not what one would call a natural born handy husband. Once, when we had a couple of burly guys over to repair an appliance, one of them asked to borrow a hammer. I brought him a dainty number with a yellow plastic handle, an obvious component from a “free tool kit” giveaway.


My less than macho hammer had sufficed to hang up an occasional framed poster in college, but it did not impress Click and Clack. Based on their facial reactions, they may or may not have kicked the ass of someone that once used a similar tool in their former high school incarnations, before their livelihood depended on the ass-kickee’s largesse.

I encourage you to check out their site for the rest of the post.

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  1. Funny I saw your post on Freedom is Groovy before I saw this one. You did a great job and congrats on developing a relationship with a great blogging couple.

    1. Post

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