Announcing PhysCon18 at FinCon18!

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There are now more physician finance bloggers than states in the union, and they’ve created a wonderful community.

I’ve enjoyed the encouragement and camaraderie of other docs in finance that my wife has teasingly termed my “invisible friends.”

FinCon18 (like Band Camp but for blogging finance geeks) will offer those of us in attendance the rare opportunity to meet in person in Orlando.

With the venerable Physician on Fire planning to attend, I’d like to invite all MD and DO bloggers who will be at FinCon18 to join us for an informal dinner.

No agenda, just a chance for you to meet folks you’ve savored getting to know through their writing. Plus ones and kids welcome. Each party please plan to pay your own way.

In order to let the restaurant know our numbers in advance, please RSVP in the comments below. Kindly include the # of people you’ll bring.

When: Friday, 9/28 at 6pm. Please arrive promptly; they’ll seat us when all are present. Time chosen so we can return for the Plutus Awards at 8pm.

Where: Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar, 9101 International Drive, Pointe Orlando, Florida. (a 6 minute drive from the FinCon hotel, but I’m told by a local that allotting 20 minutes to arrive will offset help rush hour traffic)

Current yes RSVPs in the order they’ve replied (as of 9/22/18):

  • Crispy Doc
  • Physician on Fire
  • Passive Income MD+1
  • Dr. Carrie Reynolds from the Hippocratic Hustle podcast
  • Ms. Bonnie MD
  • Dr. Cory Fawcett from Prescription For Success
  • Doc Of All Tradez
  • Millionaire Doc
  • Dr. B.C. Krygowski
  • Dr. McFrugal, + 1.5
  • The Physician Philosopher
  • Doc G from DiverseFI
  • the physician behind the 39point6 facebook live finance series for docs +1.5
  • Wealthy Doc
  • Practice Balance
  • Dr. Draghinas from the Doctors Unbound podcast
  • Drs. Nii and Renee Darko from Docs Outside the Box podcast and Keeping Up With the Darkos.
  • Dr. Nikki Ramskill from Female Money Doctor +1 (representing the UK!)

Total is 23 people (not counting the 2 babies).

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      Consider yourself RSVP’d and I’ll look forward to meeting you next month!

      Also took the liberty of adding you to the Physician Finance Blogger directory, since your money makeover and upgrading themed posts are relevant (and terrific).



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