The Greatest Showman

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Until June 3rd, 2018, you can use THIS LINK to get $100 off the regular price of the White Coat Investor’s take-it-at-home version of his first Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference ($199 with my link; $299 regular price after that date). If you use it I make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

The good Dr. Dahle, the greatest showman in physician finance, has already made his case for why those who could not attend might want to purchase the CME version his conference via his blog and podcast.

I was one of those who did not attend, but here are my (unofficial, unsanctioned) impressions of of just a few speakers in his lineup. I’ve met a few of these folks electronically and none in person, but allow me to channel my inner P.T. Barnum and share my far-fetched reasons for why it could be worth your while to hear them speak.

Step right up to see the following remarkable attractions!

Mike Piper

Mike’s a CPA, author, and well-respected financial blogger whose nom de web is The Oblivious Investor. Mike commanded my attention several years ago when he announced publicly that he was using a Vanguard life strategy fund (a relative of the target date fund). For a finance blogger who has given investing the level of scrutiny that Mike applies, this was like an automotive engineer who designs cars suggesting he’d just use cruise control from here on out when he drives. I appreciate that he can study a complex subject who most committed students revel in complexity and conclude that a simple strategy will suffice.

William Bernstein, MD, Ph.D

Bill’s a neurologist turned boutique financial advisor, with a minimum portfolio requirement of $25 million to be taken on as a client. The great news is that Bill makes his otherwise exclusive and highly sought-after advice free to you and I, the unwashed masses, through his website as well as his many well-regarded books, one of which I consider a part of the Holy Trinity of Physician Personal Finance books.

In addition to being a fan of his writing, hearing Bill speak appeals to me because he’s sort of a hero for overly studious mathletes everywhere. In addition to his MD, Bill has a PhD in chemistry, and he’s used his love of numbers and math to dive deep and become engrossed in the finance literature.

Nisha Mehta, MD

I’ve listened to Nisha being interviewed, and read her writing, and she strikes me as someone who is very relatable for overachievers in medicine. She applied the brakes to an academic striver’s career trajectory because she realized the gold stars she was working for were going to come at the expense of her family life, and pivoted to a far more sane work-life balance. Her message is asking you to hold your life up for examination, to decide if what you are pursuing in your career is what will make you happy in the long run.

Physician on Fire

You know him, you love him. He makes spreadsheets seem a little less intimidating. He makes finance funny. He’s strangely knowledgeable about 1980s music and culture for a Minnesotan (although the state did give us Prince, so maybe this is just my California coastal hubris on display). Hear him speak and satisfy your longstanding curiosity to see what he looks like.

James Dahle, MD

Step right up and see the White Coat Investor! Feel that all-American aw shucks charm in his presentations. Is he as witty in person as he seems on the page? Can he really be that disconcertingly tall?

Until June 3rd, use THIS LINK to save $100 on the take-it-at-home version of WCI’s Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference ($199 with my link; $299 regular price after that date). If you use it I make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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