FI-iku: Financial Independence Haiku

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Financial Independence involves striking a balance between minimalism and enough.

What better medium to represent this balance in verse than through Financial Independence haiku, or FI-iku?

Heart in hand and tongue in cheek, a ragtag band of personal finance bloggers convened to distill our words to their fundamental essence. Here’s what happened when geeky met artsy.

After FI I Still

Answer to a demanding

Boss, but it’s me now

Honey, I never

Said my clippers could replace

A Professional

Old MacDonald had

A farm. Now his barn is a

Cash-flowing triplex.

Please check out the artistic contributions of the new bohemian avant garde of personal finance:

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  1. Got this hat for free
    No harm onto the budget
    Just blur out the dick

    I was going to keep submitting, but this one offends even my artistic sensibilities. I fear it will be my swan song.

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        And just like that, I am ten years old and you are the kid who showed me my first book of dirty limericks at recess. I didn’t even know you could do things like that with words.

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