For The Match Day Med Student Who’s Poorer Than The Bum in The Street

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It’s Match Day! You’re happy, relieved, and a few hundred grand in the hole. Which makes you feel a helluva lot better than the med school sweetheart couple that is in twice as much collective debt as you are. Now that you know where you’ll be training, your educational debt gets bumped up a notch to your number one source of anxiety.

Fear not, young grasshopper:  the White Coat Investor (a.k.a Dr. Jim Dahle), the famed Zen master atop the mountain of physician finance, has come heli-skiing down to the valley of your negative net worth with a special promotion to put you on the fast track from poorer “than the bum in the street” (as Dr. Dahle has eloquently put it) to just plain broke to eventually wealthy.

It’s the “Fire Your Financial Advisor” personal finance course. I’ve reviewed it in depth for you in this prior blog post.

It’s not for everyone. If you are a self-motivated reader who can watch youtube videos and figure out how to fix your washing machine, you’ll be fine by reading the Holy Trinity of Physician Finance Books and setting up your own low-maintenance Newbie Portfolio until you get the hang of it.

If, on the other hand, the thought of reading a finance book immediately puts you to sleep, but video lectures that you can watch at your own pace and self-assessments designed to get you to create an explicit financial plan might rouse you to action, this could be the course that lights a fire under your butt. The hours you devote to it now will be the highest hourly rate of your medical career.

From now until March 18th you’ll get a 15% discount by using THIS LINK with the code MATCHDAY18 at checkout. Note you’ll still need to click the button labeled “buy course for $499.” The discounted price of $425 will be reflected at checkout.

McDreamy is even throwing in an autographed copy of his book “The White Coat Investor,” which I consider part of the Holy Trinity mentioned above.

I’ll receive a referral fee if you purchase the course through the link above at no additional cost to you.

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