Don’t Lose Sight of the Small Victories

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Heading into a recent Monday overnight shift, I was greeted by a six rig salute (six ambulances parked fender to fender in the ED drop-off lot). As is my custom, I  bounded down the staircase from the physician parking lot taking two steps at a time.

I was psyching myself up for what was sure to be a whopper of a shift when I noticed a small, stooped figure inchworming her way to the hospital entrance using a walker.  A wistful smile greeted me with a nostalgic nod of recognition.

You’re lucky you’re able to do that. I used to be able to do that…

We wished one another a good evening and went our separate ways.

There’s a lot brewing in my mind right now, but none of it commits to paper without sounding maudlin or cliche, so let’s leave it unsaid but appreciated.

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