Fifteen WCI Conference Names Better Than Yours

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No reader will accuse me of excessive entrepreneurial skill, but I recognize a good opportunity when I see it.

From April 4th-12th, readers who purchase the White Coat Investor's Fire Your Financial Advisor! course (reviewed here) will get complete access, at no additional cost, to videos from the inaugural WCI Con 2018, officially known as the Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference. (Use my link and I make a modest commission at no additional cost to you.)

I'm an affiliate because I believe in Jim's message of financial literacy for doctors and their professional kin. Financial independence is one means of practicing medicine on your terms and preserving the option to cut back to combat burnout.

With speakers like Dr. William Bernstein, Mike Piper and Physician on Fire, these videos document history in the making for Physician Finance Bloggers. It's like attending the first Burning Man or Coachella, or being the first doc to ride your bike to the hospital.

But affiliate commissions are not the opportunity I was referring to. Instead, I'd like to give a friend from the virtual doctor's lounge a good-natured ribbing.

Jim, I'll assume you're already wedded to the name Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference and have obtained both copyright protection and ordered mugs. Alas, PWFL doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

I brainstormed ideas for names with punchier, more memorable acronyms for your conference. With no other objective than my personal amusement, and as an homage to one of my all-time favorite WCI posts, may I suggest these alternate titles for the next WCI Conference:

  1. The Novel Earner's Wisdom Before Investments Evaporate Conference, a.k.a. the NEWBIE Conference.
  2. The Money Day Of Reckoning Knowledge Conference, a.k.a. the Money DORK Conference.
  3. The Financial Readiness / Early Adulting Knowledge of Medicine Conference, a.k.a. the FREAKs of Medicine Conference.
  4. The Financially Underwater Novice Knowledge Institute for Doctors, a.k.a. the FUNKI Doctors Conference.
  5. The Confederacy of Doctors Underwater from Nice Car Expenses Conference, a.k.a. the Confederacy of DUNCEs Conference.
  6. The Debtor's Organization Of Financially Under-Studied Doctors Conference, a.k.a. the DOOFUS Doctors Conference.
  7. The Physicians Realistic Money Objectives, Ready Or Not Conference, a.k.a. the Physicians R MORONs Conference.
  8. The Financial Services Teachable And Reachable Goals on Entering Training Conference, a.k.a. the Financial Services TARGET Conference.
  9. The Mysterious Compelling Manias Still Inundate Overwhelmed New Physicians Conference a.k.a. the MCManSION Physicians Conference.
  10. The Highly Ostentatious Status-Endeavoring Debtor Doctors' Conference, a.k.a. the HOSED Doctors' Conference.
  11. The Financial Road to Understanding Goals And Leverage Doctors' Conference, a.k.a. the FRUGAL Doctors' Conference.
  12. The Social Trends Of Physician Spending Conference, a.k.a. the STOP Spending Conference
  13. The Debt & Knowledge In Loans & Legal Skills Conference, a.k.a. the Debt KILLS Conference.
  14. The Financially Concrete Loans Under Excessive Leverage Essentials for Physicians Conference, a.k.a. the Financially CLUELEss Physicians Conference
  15. The Yes, I'll Explain The Backdoor Roth To You Again Conference

Got something better? Please add it in the comments!

Considering buying the course? I'd be grateful if you use my link. Recall the deal begins April 4th, and this post is being published April 3rd!

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  1. LOL. Great writeup CD.

    I really like #11 personally, got a catchy acronym.

    Here’s my contribution:

    Doctors Against Debt
    Money, Debt & Finance (MD Finance)

    1. Post
    1. Post
  2. Cool Tootin’ Doctah Daddyo’s on Modern Day Financial Patio’s. Has a nice ring. Hey Crispy goin’ to the Daddyo confabulous?

    A conference where self styled wanna be finance experts hang out and get blasted in moderation.

    Hope to see ya at 4 x 25!

    1. Post

      I dig, Gasem, I dig!

      4 x 25 is probably the most fitting name for a FIRE conference ever (communicates the message and highlights the Achilles heel perfectly). I have high expectations for your subversiveness, which you have exceeded. I think only a small subset of WCICon attendees are looking for FIRE exits.

      Regrettably, I’m unlikely to make it to Daddyo’s on Patios, but I heard the first one was a great time with some folks I would have loved to have heard (Bernstein and Mike Piper among them).

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