Who by FIRE: A Personal Finance Elegy In Memory Of Leonard Cohen

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It’s the one year anniversary of Leonard Cohen’s death.
Here’s my tribute.
You’re probably thinking I shouldn’t quit my day job.
Once I reach my FI number, I may just quit anyway!


(For best results, play the video and read the revised lyrics below in time to the music)

And who by FIRE, who will early retire
Who will play in the sunshine while the office drones decline
Who will exit the hamster wheel despite co-workers’ denial
Who in 1500 days, who by Roth IRA

And whose portfolio is balling?

And who will give their boss some lip as they let their net worth slip
Who with mutual funds will live off four percent
Compound interest will avalanche, bonds will act as dry powder
Who’ll be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful

And whose portfolio is balling?

Who will pay off student debt, who will live off four percent
Who in gratitude will share this beer
Who by his lady’s command has become Mustachian
Who will credit hack his planes to increase saving power

And whose portfolio is balling?

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