I Just Want To Freeze My Credit, Not Read Your Friggin’ Article

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Links below to freeze your credit report, can be done completely online:Equifax
Cost: Free
Time: 10 minutes

Cost: $10 in California, varies by state
Time: 10 minutes

Cost: $10 in California, varies by state
Time: 10 minutes

Cost: Free
Time: 5 minutes

Cost: Free
Time: 5 minutes

Irony: You have to pay the fees by credit card; can you trust them with your info?

*Thanks to commenters Joanne and Just Helping for alerting me to Innovis!

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  1. I read last week that there is actually a fourth credit bureau, one I’d never heard of before. Innovis. Their website accepts freeze requests and then states that you will receive a letter in 10 days with your freeze/unfreeze information. https://www.innovis.com/personal/securityFreeze
    Either it’s real, and this is truly a 4th credit bureau, or I’ve been duped and freely given my information.

    1. Joanne,
      Quite the opposite of being duped, you’ve generously educated me!
      I found this helpful thread on the Bogleheads forum:
      In addition to the big three (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) , it looks like they advise freezing credit on the little two: Innovis and ChexSystems.
      I’ve added them to the original post above.
      With gratitude,

    1. Thank you, I’ve added Innovis to the original article along with ChexSystems.
      Appreciate your taking the time to make this more useful,

  2. I froze my and my wife’s credit at the big 3. Easy to do. 2 weeks later my home and pins burned down….I figured I had a robust savings account and a home. Who needs any more credit?
    The good news is it’s not too hard to get a new pin and unfreeze them. The bad news is that it is not something you want to spend time doing when you are putting your life back together and potentially need credit.

  3. EJ,
    Sometimes, no good deed goes unpunished.
    I’m so sorry that in addition to the required aggravations (insurance claims, replacing essentials) you now have the added responsibility of paying a price for doing the right thing with regard to your credit.
    All I can say is you are inspiring to the rest of us on the outside looking in: being able to deftly navigate the logistics, maintain your clinical responsibilities, and keep a positive perspective is a challenge under the best of circumstances. Far more impressive when also dealing with the loss of your home.
    Keep up the positive momentum. All of your “invisible friends” out here are celebrating your victories.

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