Burnout Coaching Service

Plank To Runway

For Doctors Who Feel Stuck

You stumble home hours late to a cold, solitary dinner again. What energy you possess is quickly channeled into a recurring argument: Your partner resents your work schedule, but working this hard is what pays for your home, your educational debt and your kids' activities.

Your enthusiasm during residency was notable and contagious. These days, you run on fumes. You'd reduce your clinical hours, but fear that would condense the same workload into fewer, more dreadful days. Your patients leave you embittered for demanding a piece of something you no longer have to give.

You question assumptions you had long taken for granted:

  • If physicians are wealthy, why do you feel poor?
  • Why don't you control your time, and why does it feel scarce?
  • What if you can't slog it out like this until retirement?
  • What if this is as good as it gets?

Burnout leads you to a low place and deceives you into thinking there are no options.

Every mime is convinced the invisible box is real. It can take an outsider's perspective to help you envision alternatives and create an actionable plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

The Plank To Runway coaching service might be right for physicians:

  • Who find their current pace of work unsustainable.
  • Experiencing a life milestone (divorce; ill family member; life-changing diagnosis; new child).
  • Transitioning to part-time status.
  • Pursuing financial independence.

Purchased an hour at a time, Skype® sessions allow you to:

  • Redefine your values.
  • Identify meaningful activities and relationships.
  • Create an intentional plan for how to allocate your time.
  • Identify variables within your control to effect change.
  • Prioritize financial and personal course corrections so your actual life resembles your ideal life.
  • Assess your starting point, define your destination, and create a road map to where you want to be.

Live life on your terms today.

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Plank To Runway - $199 one hour session